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From Smackdowns to Storylines

As part of their efforts to reposition themselves as a lifestyle brand, WWE tasked Organic with refocusing their online presence with an emphasis on the superstars and their story lines.

The proposed redesign harnessed years of archival footage to create dynamic, interactive timelines for each star. From the site, fans could easily access the breadth of any star’s career and compare it to an imaginary opponent on the Superstar Mash-up page. The resultant site is a genealogical capsule of wrestling history with hours of indulgent content for fans and paving the way for the upcoming on-demand streaming revolution.


Homepage Highlights

While common today, proposing a full screen content carousel was somewhat of a brave idea back in 2011. But this approach was vital to evolve WWE from a sport-focused hub for stats and statistics into a lifestyle destination full of rich character stories.

Superstar Pages

Career-view is the ultimate Fan-view

Our superstar detail pages outlined their entire career across a single timeline allowing visitors to deep dive into the WWE archives at any point in time for any wrestler past or present. Combined career highlights, current feeds from social media, and the latest merchandise, it was the ultimate fan destination .

Superstar Mash-ups

Any match… any Superstars… ever.

Inspired by product comparison tools from the tech industry, The Superstar Mash-up page brought together the relationship between any two WWE stars on a single timeline. From ringside beef sessions to title matches, fans could quickly isolated and dive deeply into any major moments from the WWE’s countless timelines.