UX Design

Art Direction

Visual Design


2X conversions through improved UX and design.

To increase conversion rates on Citi’s card-upgrade portal, Wunderman redesigning the property for responsive design with modular layouts for each card property and updated messaging throughout.

As a result, on average, 40% of card upgrade offers were excepted thanks to the new portal delivering over twice as many as the previous site.

Updated Homepage

An upgrade too good to pass up.

For the revised upgrade portal landing page, the entire experience was customized based on the cardholder and their potential upgrade. The modular, responsive designed allowed for simple adjustments to colors, copy and graphics keeping the overall server load light, the content scannable, and the experience attractive to cardholders.

Updated Card Overview Page

A Clear, Scannable Value Proposition.

The new, card level pages featured the same modular design as the larger site with clear call-outs and icons for the most-desired benefits of each card. My focusing on what cardholders valued the most, we were able to decrease time on page while increasing conversion rate.

Modular Card Benefits Pages

One master design, limitless possibilities.