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Reebok possessed about a 3% market share in 2014. While the dominant player in the CrossFit footwear space, consumers saw them as little more than a shoemaker.

Our new, Ready to Reebok program repositioned them as a utility brand and fitness partner by providing advice and motivation alongside cutting edge product.

Using an evolving consumer segmentation funnel based on content interaction, we defined each consumers fitness level and product preference over the five email welcome program. By the end of the two week onboarding, consumers were Ready to Reebok with content and product custom tailored to their preference.


Are You Ready?

Our first email in the series was a straight-forward welcome. We removed any product and sales from the content to reinforce a more lifestyle and utility conversations. Then, utilizing a simple three-question poll, we began to identify whether the consumer was a brand fan, a casual athlete, or more focused on the vintage collection.

The World of Reebok

Almost There

By email four, we were now pushing contextualized content for the consumer and building an entire fitness universe around the brand. From upcoming local events, to social conversations, to the ability to personalize your next pair of shoes, this email started to bring the larger Reebok universe a bit closer to home.

Results-based Promotions

The Coupon that you have to earn.

The Ready to Reebok ecosystem was based on fitness and performance. We carried that idea into the smallest details of the onboarding such as this, results based product coupon. After finishing the welcome funnel, you received a 20% off coupon for your next purchase. But, in order to activate the coupon, you needed to earn it.

Leveraging the accelerometer on the user’s phone, the coupon was blurred out until you ran a set distance (defined by your performance level). Once you hit the finish line, the reward was yours and you were Ready to Reebok.


Building a Fitness Community

To promote a local fitness community, we recommended the development of Braggr, an app that creates physical challenges around throughout your local neighborhood. Users could create a challenge and watch as the local Reebok community competes for the top of the leaderboard. It was a simple way to engage the brand fan-base and crowdsource the Reebok mentality.