UX Design

Visual Design


Finally, a personal cardholder experience.

When Citi relaunched their portfolio-wide benefits platform in 2014, they needed a system to dynamically deliver customized benefits details to all clients.

After a series of stakeholder interviews and rapid prototypes, Wunderman was able to build an incredibly lean number of templates to deliver personal results based on card type and available benefits, while integrating business needs for product up-selling and promotional units.

Personalized Homepage

Home Base For Card Benefits

The personalized benefits landing page featured steam-lined, easily accessible matrix of quite a dense amount of information. Page highlights for key benefits, points balance, and quick tasks satisfied the majority of consumer interactions while an easily categorized benefits grid allowed them to dive further into product details.

Benefits Category Page

Highly Scannable Card Features

The category level pages provided cardholders with a quick summary of all benefits around a key topic. The grid would dynamically populate based on the card and each benefit could be further explored for more detail.

Benefit Detail Page

Easy access to actionable content

At the individual benefit level, cardholders could access all content for the specific benefit. From customer service to claims, all of the actionable items were not available in one convenient location.