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Optimizing the Hype

Other Half makes some of the world’s most coveted beers. But with over 550 product releases each year, most brands become ephemeral and the most valuable ones are lost in the sheer volume of the assortment.

To help grow revenue and attract new consumers to such a fun, complex, and often esoteric brand, my role was to identify key themes and brand values within the portfolio that we could build into more approachable, memorable, and profitable experiences.

The result was a series of themed releases focused on ingredients, cultural moments, or shared themes among priority brands activated across DTC, on-site, and eCommerce channels. These themed weeks led to a 33% increase in sales vs the benchmark and a revised eCommerce assortment which grew the channel 100% vs the previous year.

Business Results


Growth in eCommerce sales vs. last year


Weekly revenue vs non-activation weeks