JP Morgan Chase
Social Media, Direct Mail, & Email Creative
Silver Midas – Sound Design (2015)

The Card is for the Essentials. The Cash Back is for the Fun.

How do you relaunch the largest credit card in the USA amidst massive media cuts? Abandon the traditional top-down communication model and truly go digital-first. By developing insights around real-time, cultural moments, and implementing agile creative development, the Chase Freedom “For the Fun” campaign surpass all expected metrics and establish digital as the new, leading channel for cash-back activation.

Data Science, Insights,

and a Maker Mentality

By dividing our target audience into three segments and diving deeply into their individual preferences and cultural trends, we were able to create a highly engaging portfolio of creative, social assets.

Then, by partnering with our media team on a weekly basis, we were able to delivery relevant, sequential targeted messaging to each consumer; driving them further down the acquisition funnel.

The result? Exponential social engagement and cash-back activations.

Hyper-targeted, full funnel social content…

and all the unsexy stuff, too…

Business Results


Increase in Cash-Back Activations Through Social


Uplift in Brand Sentiment Month-Over-Month