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Silver Midas – Sound Design (2015)

The Card is for the Essentials. The Cash Back is for the Fun.

When Roar relaunched Chase Freedom – the largest credit card in the USA – in 2015, we faced the daunting task of delivering both cut-through creative and business transformation amidst massive media cuts…

The solution? Abandon the traditional top-down communication model and prioritize a hyper-contextual digital experience. By developing insights around real-time, cultural moments, leveraging cultural partners, and implementing agile creative optimization, we were able to surpass all expected metrics and establish digital as the new, leading channel for cash-back activation.

Data Science, Insights,

and a Maker Mentality

By dividing our target audience into three segments and diving deeply into their individual preferences and cultural trends, we were able to create a highly engaging portfolio of creative, social assets.

Then, by partnering with our media team on a weekly basis, we were able to delivery relevant, sequential targeted messaging to each consumer; driving them further down the acquisition funnel.

The result? Exponential social engagement and cash-back activations.

Hyper-targeted, full funnel social content…

…And all the unsexy stuff, too.

Business Results


Increase in Cash-Back Activations Through Social


Uplift in Brand Sentiment Month-Over-Month