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All brands want to be loved.

Some are just more lovable.

Every good brand extension strategy starts with the core passion of the brand. But then, it needs to expand laterally to provide brand utility in new categories that make sense for the brand, the business, and the consumer.

In 2016 I took on the extensive challenge of reinventing brand licensing at AB-InBev. At the time, the program was a disparate collection of low-value partners leveraging logos and vintage art for an occasional retail appearance. The output had little impact on either brand value or revenue.

Brand Passion Points

Meet Consumer Needs

Through global brand extendability research and consumer testing, I streamlined our strategic approach to licensing.  I built extensive strategies based on extendable equity, category trends, and opportunity size before validating with brand fans.

The result was a clear 3-year roadmap of where to play and how to win for both global powerhouses such as Budweiser and Corona, and local heroes such as Bud Light in America, Victoria in Mexico, and Brahma in Brazil.

Values create value.

Finally, I implemented new brand licensing guidelines and executional documentation, to revamp the existing apparel and housewares business as well as expand into a meaningful food licensing practice and deliver high-profile apparel collaborations with brands such as Huf, Hype, and Undefeated.

The results positioned AB-InBev as one of the top 100 licensors in the world and within the too 5 CPG licensors. With sustained growth, AB-InBev is expected to be the world’s #1 CPG licensor by 2025.

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